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Here is how we can help your firm. 


The IRS continues to ramp up the frequency of audits targeting US citizens living abroad. In 2016, the IRS audited 0.7% of all individual returns filed. The audit rate for returns with addresses located outside the US is 3.9%. A US person living outside the US has an almost six-fold greater chance of being audited compared to the average. 


(IRS 2016 Data Book, Pg.23)


When you are dealing with tax authorities on your client's behalf- it is just another day at the office.


When your clients get a notice or letter from a tax authority, panic sets in. 


What we offer:

Peace of mind with IRS audit defense for your clients.


Why should we use your services instead of our own firm?

Three reasons:


Inside Perspective.


Currently, as Canada's only former IRS Revenue Agent, I (Ian Davis) have maintained a strong working knowledge of the IRM.  The Internal Revenue Manual serves as the audit and administrative guide for all levels of the IRS. If your client is facing an audit or some other kind of administrative action, I can use the IRM as a roadmap to know exactly where the agent is going and take proactive steps to ensure the audit or administrative proceeding is going in the right direction. 


Soft skills. 

IRS agents are human beings just like you and me. I possess the soft skills necessary to make sure that the agent is treated right, and receive the best possible outcome.


You catch flies with honey, not vinegar. 


An advocate for you, and your client. 


As an agent, I often worked with firms who would offer similar tax representation services. When I found errors in the returns, they would often throw their client, and the clients preparer under the bus to save face. That is a dangerous thing to do, as it can possibly alert the agent to seek preparer penalties against the tax preparer.


In my opinion, most tax preparers do not take adequate consideration of the relationship between their clients and the firm when planning to represent their client in an IRS audit. The majority of the individuals and businesses I audited fired their representative after the conclusion of the audit. Why? I am confident it was because the representative did not adequately manage the relationship throughout the audit. 

I advocate for you, your client, and your firm before the IRS.


How does it work? 

Your client electronically signs an engagement letter, authorizing our services, as well as authorizing US Tax Resources to share and receive information regarding the audit with your firm. A subscription letter is given to your client granting him/her membership into the audit defense program.


This gives your client full IRS representation through appeals. 


How much does it cost?


Subscriptions start at $90 a year for individuals, If you sign up over 10 clients, the price goes down to $75 per client.


Want to make sure all years under statute are covered?


$180 for three years of coverage for individual subscriptions, and $150 if you sign up more than 10 clients at a time. 

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