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We offer comprehensive services for anyone who might need to file a US tax return.
  • Canadian residents who are US citizens / green card holders 
    • Simple returns (T4's, RRSP)
    • Over US$10,000 in a Canadian bank at any time during the year
    • RESP's
    • RDSP's
    • TFSA's
    • Holder of a Canadian Trust
    • Mutual funds held in a non-registered account
    • Own more than 10% of a US business
    • Unfiled US/Canadian tax returns
  • Moving to Canada from the US
    • Canadian immigrant return
    • US dual-status or full year return (depending on your situation)
    • Canadian tax residency determination
  • Moving to the US from Canada
    • Canadian emigrant return
    • US dual-status return or full year return (depending on situation)
    • Determination of ceasing Canadian tax residency
    • Certificate of Compliance
  • Canadian residents with revenue from the US
    • US Gambling Winnings
    • US Rental property income
    • Cross-border commuters (Working in the US)
  • US residents with revenue from Canada
    • Canadian non-resident rental return 
    • Sales of Canadian property 
    • Cross-border commuters (Working in Canada)

Did you know:

Many US Citizens living abroad may be entitled to refunds from the IRS relating to the Additional Child Tax Credit up to $1,000 per child. 

Contact us to see if you qualify.

Services for Individuals

Why choose us?
Why choose us?
We give you peace of mind.
We offer you the peace of mind that if the IRS contacts you for any reason, you are covered and represented by former IRS auditors all the way through appeals if need be.
This service is free and included with all individual tax returns prepared by us.
Please refer to "Important Information" for restrictions and limitations.  
More Secure
We use double encryption technology to ensure your data is protected two times at the highest level of encryption. Outside of the government; few firms provide this level of protection.
More Comprehensive.
Are you a US citizen / green card holder and:
  • Own more than 10% of a company located outside of the US?
  • Own an RDSP?
Do you have questions about the best way to save for a US child's education as a resident in Canada? 
We have answers, and resources to these questions, and more.
How much will it cost?
If you are an American living in Canada, click below to calculate, and register your custom quote. 
Unfiled US returns?
No worries! Under the streamlined procedure, we get you all caught up on your US tax returns and bank account reporting for $1,500 CDN (~$1,200 USD). This includes :
  • Three years of back tax returns 
  • Six years of bank reporting
  • IRS audit defense
If you qualify for the additional child tax credit; your refund could pay for this service!
How do I get started?
Provide your name and your email address, for us to get started on your tax return. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to help. Contact us by email, or via our Social Media channels.

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