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At US Tax Resources, we provide your firm with the ability to attract and retain new clients by offering US tax services.
How do we do this? 
  • We offer heavily discounted US Tax preparation services to you under a subcontract with your firm.
  • We offer a back office project management platform, enabling you to independently monitor the progress of your clients US tax return preparation. 

We offer:
  • Marketing materials for your firm.
  • Q&A lists for what clients may ask.
  • Pricing sheets.
  • Subcontractor agreements between your firm and us.
  • Custom engagement letters between your client and us.
  • Additional US privacy policy to incorporate into your firm (For IRS compliance purposes).
  • Dashboard of the status of all of your clients' returns.
To get started:
  • Schedule a FREE consultation.
  • Like and follow us on your favorite social media sites.
  • We will create a secure online portal to send files to each other.
  • Download and electronically sign the subcontractor agreement from the portal.
  • We will sign and return the agreement via the portal.
  • We will create and send customized engagement letters for your clients requiring US tax services via the portal
When a client approaches you with US tax services
You can use the Q&A sheet, as well as the pricing calculator to tell them what they will need to file, and how much it will cost- in plain English. 
  1. You have the client electronically sign the engagement at your office, or on their computer, or mobile device. 
  2. Send us a copy of the quote
  3. We will ask for 1/2 of the invoice to be paid upfront and the remaining half within 30 days of filling.
  4. We prepare the applicable returns. 
  5. Once the return is complete, you and your client will receive a copy of the return to review, once reviewed and approved by you and your client, it will be e-filed to the IRS.
  6. We will send you a bill for the remaining 1/2 of the invoice. 

Services for Accounting Firms

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Need more details? Contact us

We are happy to assist. Contact us by email or via our Social Media channels.

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